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Photo Editing Software

Home Photo Studio gives you the tools to easily enhance and edit digital images.

The program includes photo editing options, such as auto enhancement, retouching, red eye removal, etc. Also, it includes more than 100 special effects that can be applied to the images for a different look, including the unique plastic and 3D composition effects.

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How to Create Tilt-Shift Miniature Effect

The tilt-shift miniature effect can transform real-life photographs in a fun way. When applying this effect, you create the illusion of "toy town", and the objects in your picture look like miniature models - all of these thanks to a smart combination of blurring and focus. Tilt-shift manipulation was invented by professional photographers, and there are two ways to create this effect: using a special photography technique or applying the effect in a photo editor.

This video shows how to create tilt-shift miniature effect in Home Photo Studio. It's absolutely easy and intuitive - you just need to decide which area of the photo needs to be in focus, and the rest of the image will be blurred automatically. Experiment with the location of the focal point, the range and angle of focus, and the blur intensity - everything with live preview. Give your panoramic photographs a fantastic new look!

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The program is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, 7