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Home Photo Studio gives you the tools to easily enhance and edit digital images.

The program includes photo editing options, such as auto enhancement, retouching, red eye removal, etc. Also, it includes more than 100 special effects that can be applied to the images for a different look, including the unique plastic and 3D composition effects.

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Exposure in Digital Photography

Exposure in digital photography - is a physical quantity, measured in the amount of light acting on any photosensitive surface (matrix, films, etc.). Proper exposure is one of the basic conditions for shooting quality of images. In mathematical terms, exposition is the product value of illuminating light-sensitive material and the duration of its coverage (exposure). With an excess or lack of photographic coverage, the material becomes overexposed or underexposed the contrary.

The exposure in digital photography depends on three key parameters: sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture.

1. Sensitivity - the ability of photosensitive material respond to light. Sensitivity is measured in units of ISO (International Standards Organization) which is indicator of the film's sensitivity to light. The values of the sensitivity on modern digital cameras can range from ISO 100, ISO 400, ISO 1600 and this is not the limit. To shoot high-quality photos, one needs to be able to choose optimal values of sensitivity. For example, taking pictures on a bright sunny day would be sufficient to use ISO sensitivity 100. To shoot landscapes, professionals are advised to use small values of sensitivity in order to obtain the greatest detail and the lack of noise in photos. Remember ISO is an indicator of the film's or digital cameras sensitivity to light.

2. Aperture is another important parameter, which characterizes the exposure in digital photography. In a technical sense, aperture is the hole or opening through which light travels. Camera Aperture determines the values of two quantities: aperture (the amount of light passing into the chamber) and depth of sharpness. When reducing the aperture we increase the sharpness, and vise versa, increase the aperture and sharpness decreases. By varying the aperture, you can achieve different effects of exposure in digital photography. For example, when shooting portraits it’s often required for the background to be blurry thus highlighting the main object in the picture, but when taking landscape photographs, greater details are required in the photo.

3. Shutter speed; is a common term used to discuss exposure time, the effective length of time a camera's shutter is open. For example, the shutter speed equal to 100 means the shutter of the camera is open for one-hundredth of a second. Shutter speed changes the way movement appears in photos. Short shutter speed is used to capture fast moving subjects, like a running lion. Long shutter speeds are used intentionally to blur a moving subject. The exposure in digital photography involves varying the duration of exposure for different types of photographs. For instance, night photography involves the use of long exposure since more light is required to capture the photograph.

Keep in mind basic rules of exposition; sensitivity, shutter speed and aperture the next time you use your digital camera. Of course most digital cameras have an automatic selection and your digital camera will do the work for you, but regulating the exposition your self will allow you to capture pictures with different effects.

Failure to observe basic rules of exposition usually leads to the emergence of various defects in photographs. To improve the quality of existing images you may wish to use a specialized photo editing program. Home Photo Studio photo editor provides the user different tools to correct and manipulate any photograph. Digital pictures can be distorted by noise, require additional adjustments in brightness, contrast, and levels of image detail. With Home Photo Studio, correcting and enhancing your digital pictures becomes easy, and can be done in minuets.

Exposure in digital photography

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