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Choosing Clothing for Photo Shoot

Choosing Clothing for Photo Shoot

A proper selection of clothing is one of the main criteria in a successful photo shoot. So how would you choose clothing for a photo shoot? This depends on the general impression of the image you wish to portray. If you are doing a professional photo shoot, treat responsibly your clothing and accessories. In this article we will try to give some tips to help avoid major mistakes when choosing clothing for a photo shoot.

If you’re planning an artistic photo shoot, we do not recommend the use of bright monochrome fabrics, especially if the model has blond hair and pale skin. Even if you have great lighting in the studio, the issue that might occur is bright reflections of various colors on the face of the model. Thus the resulting look will be quite unnatural in the picture. It’s better to choose clothes in pastel color or with small blurry drawings.

Selecting clothing for photo shoot definitely depends on your imagination. It’s also important to think about the message you’re trying to transcend to your viewer. For example, if you’re going for the business appeal, you might think about wearing a business suit. Try to color coordinate your clothes, this will portray a more professional look and also highlight color but not in an offensive way. Remember color speaks to people and can set the mood, it can also tell about your personality. Knowing the proper exposure in digital photography would also help.

Some Color Coordination Tips in Choosing Clothing for Photo Shoot

Choosing Clothing for Photo Shoot

If you do not know what color to match with, just look to nature. There is nothing like natural beauty. You will be able to find a ton of ideas. Nature color coordinates in such an inspirational way, that if you truly look, it will be come a spring of inspiration for outfits to come.

Choose a Core Color in your Outfit

This will usually be the pants or skirt in your outfit. Unless you’re wearing a dress, then you would use accessories to compliment the dress. Its good to choose neutral colors, from there you can build your outfit.

Wear Different Colors of the Same Value

Value represents the degree of lightness or darkness expressed in every color. For example; wear bright colors with bright colors and pastel colors with pastel. To achieve optimal results your outfit should match the value of the core color in your outfit.

Let’s not forget about Shoes

Shoes are what complete an outfit, without proper color coordinated shoes, your outfit will simply not be the same. Shoes can make a break an outfit. Go for the classical style if you’re not sure what pair to wear. Otherwise you pretty much need to experiment, just stick to the color coordination rule, and you won’t go wrong.

Accessorize your Outfits

A good accessory can make or break your outfit. You certainly don’t want to overdue it though. Keep your accessories to a minimal, choose quality verses quantity. For example; a nice white outfit would greatly accessorized with a nice black leather purse, and some semi precious natural stone jewelry.

Hopefully we were able to help you in choosing clothing for a photo shoot. With color coordination you are able to dress in a completely different manner. It is important that we learn how to properly dress and allow our clothes to speak for us silently in a sense. There is nothing wrong looking elegant, color coordination helps with that. When you’re done with your photo shoot you might think about using Home Photo Studio as your photo editor. This photography editing software will help you in correcting and editing your digital photograph.

Choosing Clothing for Photo Shoot

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